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Download Instructions for eBooks for Nook Color/Nook Tablet

Nook Color/Nook Tablet
WILBOR  Guides
Updated 1/30/2012

eBooks must be downloaded to the Nook Color using the browser on a computer.

Note: You should have Adobe Digital Editions installed on your computer, and the nook and computer should be authorized with the same Adobe ID.  See the WILBOR Guide: “Adobe Digital Editions” for more information.

1.     Visit the WILBOR website at; log in, and browse or search for an eBook.

2.     Look for “Adobe EPUB or Adobe PDF” as a choice on an eBook, and click on “Add to Cart”


3.     In “My Cart,”  continue browsing for more titles or, if you’re ready to check out, choose “Proceed to Checkout”


4.      In “Checkout,”  click on “Confirm Checkout”


5.      Once at “My Items Out,” click on “Download”


6.      Once downloaded, the book will open in Adobe Digital Editions.  Click in the upper left corner to go to the “Library View.”


7.      Click, drag and drop the book cover to the nook’s icon under your bookshelves.  That will place a copy on your Nook.    The icon for the nook will appear as “Media,”  “Nook,” or “My Nook” in the library list, depending on your version of the Nook and software.

8.      The book is now on your Nook.  Eject it from your computer and turn it on.  Go to “Library.”  From “my stuff” select “My files” then the Digital Editions folder.  You’ll see your book there.  Select it to open it for reading. 


9.      It won’t ever appear on the “shelf” with your purchased books, but once it’s been opened it will be visible on your home screen, which makes it easier to find.  It will also be an option on the “More”  menu.


   These might come up:

When I plug my nook into the computer’s USB port, the nook doesn’t appear in Adobe Digital Editions.

Your computer/Adobe Digital Editions and your nook must be authorized with the same Adobe ID.

To authorize the computer, with Adobe Digital Editions open and in the Library view, pull down the “Library” menu and select “Authorize computer.”

A.  If the computer is authorized, but not with the correct Adobe ID,  deauthorize the computer first:

1. Open Adobe Digital Editions
2.  On a PC press:  Ctrl+Shift+D (press all 3 keys at the same time);     On a Mac:  Cmd+Shift+D)
3. Deauthorize screen will open, and warn you that protected items in your library may no longer be
3. Select Deauthorize , then Click on Quit
4.  Authorize computer as described above.

B. If you need to change the Adobe ID on the nook, you will need to delete the “.adobe-digital-editions “ folder on the nook  (This will delete any BORROWED ebooks that you have downloaded):

1. With Adobe Digital Editions, closed, connect the nook to your computer.
2. In My Computer/Windows Explorer, double click on the nook disk (“media”) to open it.



                 3.  Delete the .adobe-digital-editions folder.  (If that makes you nervous, you can right-click on
                   the folder and just add .old at the end of the name.)

                   4. Open Adobe Digital Editions, click on “Authorize Device.”


I’ve done all that and it still doesn’t show.

Make sure the nook is turned on, and isn’t “sleeping.”

Try disconnecting the nook, and closing Adobe Digital Editions.  Connect the nook again, then open Adobe Digital Editions.  Sometimes the order in which you do things matters!

I transferred a book to the nook, using Adobe Digital Editions, but when I unplug the nook and try to open the book, I get an error message, or there’s a ? on the book’s icon.

You must properly eject the nook from the computer.

·        With the nook connected, delete the title from the nook and from Adobe Digital Editions.

·        Download the title again, and transfer it to the nook.

·        Before physically unplugging the nook from the computer, eject it properly, using the “Safely remove hardware” icon in your System Tray, at the very bottom right  corner of your computer screen.


·        Click on the icon, select the nook from the list and wait for the computer to tell you it’s safe to unplug the nook.

I have transferred the book to my nook, but it doesn’t show on my Bookshelf.

Books borrowed from WILBOR will not appear on the bookshelf with your purchased books and magazines.   Go to “Library.”  From “my stuff” select “My files” then the Digital Editions folder.  You’ll see your book there.  Select it to open it for reading. 

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