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Download instructions for eBooks on Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire

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Updated 12/29/2011


eBooks can be downloaded to the Fire using either the browser on a computer or the browser on the Fire itself; the process is the same:

1.     Log on to your Amazon account; you will need it later.

2.     Visit the WILBOR website at; log in, and browse or search for an eBook.

3.     Look for “Kindle Book” as a choice on an eBook, and click on “Add to Cart”


4.     In “My Cart,”  continue browsing for more titles or, if you’re ready to check out, choose “Proceed to Checkout”




5.      In “Checkout,”  click on “Confirm Checkout”


6.      Once in “My Items Out,” click on “Get  for Kindle”


7.      Amazon’s website will open up in a new window (or new tab).  Log on to your Amazon account, if you aren’t already logged on.

8.      Make certain that the device listed under “Deliver to” is your Fire, and click on “Get library book.”


9.      And the book will be delivered to your Fire. ( Your Fire must be connected to a wi fi network  in order for the book to be delivered.)

10.   To return a Kindle book early:

In your Amazon account’s “Manage Your Kindle” page, find the title on Your Kindle Library, and pull down the “Actions”  menu to the far right and select return.



 These might come up:


The WILBOR website in the Kindle Fire’s browser doesn’t look the same as it does on the computer, and I can’t see any Kindle books.

Your Fire’s browser may be bringing up the mobile site, and Kindle books aren’t available though the mobile site.


There are 2 ways to get the full (“desktop”) site:


1. The first method will force the WILBOR site to the full site, but will leave the browser setting so that other websites you visit will bring up the mobile site (if they have one).

 You can force the Fire’s browser to bring up WILBOR’s site by typing in a new address—it’s long, so be careful typing it in!


When the browser displays the full site, you may wish to bookmark the address, to be sure you don’t have to type it in again.


2.  The second method is a setting change, so the Fire’s browser will display ALL websites as full/desktop versions.  Patrons should use this only if they don’t want other sites to display the mobile version, either. (Or, if they’re willing to toggle the setting each time they use WILBOR:

 In the Silk browser, tap Menu button > Settings > (scroll to "Advanced" items) > Desktop or mobile view.




I’ve had Amazon deliver a book to my Fire, but I don’t see it there.

You may have to sync your Kindle in order to force it to pick up the book immediately:

1. Touch the Settings icon in the upper right corner of the Fire’s screen (it’s a small cog, to the left of the battery indicator)


2. Touch “Sync” from the menu that opens at the top of the screen


3. Your book should appear on your “Books” shelf; “Device” should be selected (rather than “Cloud”) at the top of the Books screen.


When I try to log on to WILBOR on the Fire, I can select my library from the list, but it never gives me the page to enter my barcode number.

If your library is using EZ Proxy to authenticate, you’ll have to make a change in the Fire’s browser settings:

1) From the Home screen, tap on the "Web" tab

2) tap on the menu icon on the bottom toolbar (looks like a page with some
lines on it) and select "Settings" from the menu that pops up

3) Scroll down to "Accelerate page loading" and uncheck it

The patron should be able to log into WILBOR, check out a Kindle book, and
proceed with the process as they would on a computer. (If they still aren’t able to log in, try shutting down the Fire completely, and re-starting it.)







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