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Downloading audiobooks to a Kindle Fire

Audiobooks on the Kindle Fire
WILBOR  Guides
Updated 1/24/2012


MP3 audiobooks may be downloaded from WILBOR directly to the Kindle Fire.



1. On the Fire, make a setting change:

Touch the settings icon, scroll down in the settings list to “Device”, and touch to put a check mark next to “Allow unsupported apps”


2. Using the Fire’s browser, go to  the WILBOR website:

Click on link to download Overdrive Media Console.



3. On the Overdrive Media Console download page,  choose "Android" and then the link in the text below the Marketplace logo (NOT on the Android Marketplace logo).



. Agree to terms of service, and download will start.


5. Tap on downloads at top left of the Kindle Fire. (It will be a little number next to "X's Kindle" in the upper right of the Fire screen.)


6. Tap on the Overdrive Media Console file, Allow it to use the processes; when installed, tap on "Open"


8. Check out mp3 audiobook from WILBOR (on the Fire), tap on download.


9. Overdrive Media Console will open, and the mp3 file will be downloaded.
(Note that mp3 files are large, it will take awhile; it will show you in the upper bar as it begins and completes the download of each part.)


10. When downloaded, tap on the book in the Overdrive Media Console’s Bookshelf, and it will open the OMC player and play the book.  Controls to pause, stop, fast forward, etc., will be at the bottom.


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